Kenya Is the 6th Most Beautiful Country in The World, New Report

New global report titled Natural Beauty Report has ranked Kenya as the sixth most beautiful country in the world.

The report shows Tanzania scored a natural beauty score of 6.98 out of ten as compared to Kenya’s 6.7 ratings.

The report analysed the number of natural features like volcanoes, coral reefs, tropical rainforests and glaciers per 100,000 square kilometres.

In terms of these factors, Kenya has eight volcanoes, five ultra prominent mountains, 630 square kilometres of coral reefs area, 411 as the total number of protected areas, 536 kilometres coastline length, 170,887 square kilometres of tropical forest area and 28 Glaciers.

On the other hand, Tanzania boasts of three volcanoes, eleven ultra prominent mountains, 3,580 square kilometres of coral reefs area, 836 as the total number of protected areas, 1,424 kilometres coastline length, 387,944 square kilometres of tropical forest area and 75 glaciers.

Indonesia took the top crown with a 7.77 ranking, followed by New Zealand (7.27), Colombia (7.16), Tanzania (6.98), Mexico (6.96) and Kenya rounded up the top six list with a 6.7 ranking.

First world countries such as France, the United States of America, Japan and Australia were placed eighth, twelfth, and fourteenth respectively.

The United Kingdom did not feature in the top 50 list.

A recent report by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) also placed Kenya as the second most innovative country in Africa and 85th globally.

Tanzania emerged third within the continent and 90th globally, securing its position in the top 100. Kenya held the record for the out-performer of the continent for 11 consecutive years. Africa emerged as the continent with the highest number of overperforming economies on innovation.

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