Kiss 100 presenter Kamene Goro has come out to address allegations of sleeping with her co-host Andrew Kibe.

This was after YouTuber Edgar Obare through his social media claimed that he had been sent messages by his followers who claimed to have seen them getting intimate in a car.

Speaking on the Morning Kiss, Kamene expressed her disappointment with the way people were misusing social media.

This is as far as it goes – Kamene Goro’s message after claims of sleeping with Kibe
Have some respect – Kamene Goro’s response after allegations of sleeping with Andrew Kibe

The humanity is gone everything has become about social media and the likesa and personally I just want to live in a world where I’m just human. Just Michelle Kamene Goro who wakes up in the morning comes and does my job best way I know how and go home,” she said.

She went on to say that such habits of doing things just to get likes will not propel the YouTuber’s career, adding that this is the far he will go.

Ms Goro also asked Edgar to take time and reflect on his life and see if the things he is doing will help him in life.

Success please bro. wherever you are I want you to tap yourself on the shoulder coz this is as far as its going to get… for likes? What have you become. Just look at yourself for hot quick minute. How far are really gonna go for the likes? Ona kama itakusaidia,” added Kamene Goro.

Andrew Kibe responds to allegations of sleeping with Co-host Kamene Goro

Kibe sleeping with Kamene

Her words come a day after Kibe was asked of the affair and he responded saying that it was no one’s business.

I’ve seen on Edgar Obare’s claims that you’re pekejeing @kamenegoro… Ni ukweli ama?” asked the fan.

Kibe then responded to the question saying that the matter did not concern him (the fan). “Pili pili una yo ila… blah blah blah,” said Kibe.

This is as far as it goes – Kamene Goro’s message after claims of sleeping with Kibe

Andrew Kibe

He went on to say that he will never get into a car that is being driven by his co-host Kamene, no matter the circumstance, as he called on the YouTuber to have some respect for people and should confirm anything he shares with his followers.