Win for Gambler after Court orders Betika to pay 500K as won 6 months ago

After Betika refused to pay up on a gambler’s prize, the player won Sh500,000 in judicial proceedings.

David Juma claimed in a lawsuit that he was entitled to a Sh500,000 jackpot award because he correctly predicted eight football games, which he did on February 17, 2023.

However, Shop and Deliver Ltd.-owned Betika refused to give him the prize, claiming that since he correctly predicted seven out of eight matches, he was not eligible for the win.

Nakuru Resident Magistrate Edward Oboge announced the decision and stated that Juma had successfully proven his case.

“The court agrees with the complainant that the respondent betrayed his trust by attempting to deny him the jackpot he won and I do not buy the argument that these facts were not known to the respondent,” Oboge said.

According to the magistrate, the evidence submitted by Juma to prove his claim, including witness statements and a bundle of documents, showed that he won eight bets, only one of which was in dispute – the match between FC Juarez and Leon, which FC Juarez won.

The magistrate revealed that during cross-examination, Ken Kagicha, the company’s senior product manager, confirmed that the betting slip did not indicate the league division.

However, Juma insisted that the slip showed the correct prediction and that he was entitled to the Sh500,000 jackpot.

“The plaintiff’s lawyer, submitted that although the defendant insisted that the bet for the disputed match was for the under-20 division, he didn’t produce any document to prove the claim despite being the custodian of the website,” the court noted.

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