“Mungu aendelee kunipigania” – Azziad reacts after Ababu Namwamba denied dating her

Recently, Youth Affairs and Sports Cabinet Secretary (CS) Ababu Namwamba rubbished reports alleging that he is involved in a romantic relationship with local content creator Azziad Nasenya.

The suave and stylish CS says that the relationship between himself and Azziad is entirely of a professional nature and not a love affair as intimated by his political detractors.

“Azziad is not my girlfriend. I actually feel so bad and sorry for the poor girl,” he said.

“You know me, I have been in the trenches, and when you work in public spaces, you grow the skin of a crocodile, covered by hipo, covered by a skin of a buffalo. People who have not circulated in this space go through it.”

Ababu further said both he and Azziad were treated unfairly, saying they were innocent.

The 23-year-old content creator has been keeping a low profile and doing what she loves most after trolls descended on her.

A popular female celebrity penned a heartwarming post to Azziad, encouraging her to stay strong.

Responding to the celebrity’s post, the bubbly TikToker said:

“Thanks, mom . May God keep fighting my battles for me❤️.”

Reacting to Azziad’s comment, more fans sent her sweet messages, and one said:

“Keep the fire burning…Kenyans are just jealous …you brilliant girl.”

Another said:

“Allah loves you. Keep soaring high.”

“You are a strong and focused lady of our generation. Never allow negativity to disturb your peace ❤️,” another said.

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