Kiambu man mysteriously dies a day before his wedding

Evangelist for the Kahawa Sukari Deliverance Church, who died at his home the day before his wedding, is the subject of an investigation by police in Kiambu.

The late Fred Gitau’s body is scheduled to undergo a post-mortem on Monday at the Kiambu County Referral Hospital, according to Kiambu police captain Perminus Muchangi, who spoke to the Star.

Gitau was discovered dead in his home on Friday, just hours before his wedding was to take place at the Deliverance Church Kahawa Sukari on Saturday.

Family members said that on Thursday night, Gitau was picked up by his favorite couple and even gave them a bed while he fell asleep.

Tragically, Gitau was discovered dead and gushing froth on Friday morning. The door to the house was closed.

When the police were summoned that Friday, they had no choice but to utilize a small child to open the window and enter the deceased person’s home.

After the boy opened the window, the police documented the scene and took the body away.

A close family relative claimed on Monday that Gitau had earlier on Thursday evening texted her sister to tell her that his life was in danger, adding that if anything happened to him her sister should inform the police who was responsible.

The relative said the police had been fully briefed about the message he sent to his sister.

The relative further stated that Gitau was a ‘prayer warrior’ at Deliverance Church and he never drank alcohol and was on the verge of becoming a pastor.

Gitau was to wed Joyce Waithera before the tragic incident happened.

The wedding was to take place at the Deliverance Church Kahawa and later a reception would take place at Cardinal Odunga grounds in Kahawa Sukari.

Family members told the Star that Gitau owned a taxi car which he uses for his cab business and the vehicle was parked outside his house when he was dropped off by his friends.

“Coming from an affluent family and excelling in his pursuits, we are shocked by what might have transpired on the night of Thursday,” a  relative said.

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