“Kikuyu lady made me completely broke after dating for 3 years” – Mzungu man cries

Frank Rahma, formerly known as Frank Murugi, has now put a wrench in the works by implying that he regrets spending his sentiments and money on a Kikuyu woman, months after announcing he was no longer with his Kenyan wife Murugi.

In a social media sensational video, Frank is shown confessing his sorrows to the world while in a melancholy mood.

“I’ve been seeing a Kikuyu woman for three years, and I’m now totally bankrupt. I now realize I showed the wrong person too much affection,” admitted Tiktoker Frank Rahma, formerly known as Frank Murugi.

Murugi, a Kenyan woman in her twenties, and Frank were married, but they divorced in February 2023.

Frank is a Kenyan-based Belgian Tiktoker and together with Murugi, they have one daughter.

They got married a few ago in a private wedding ceremony.

Their relationship took a fatal turn after Frank introduced another lady named Rahma as his second wife.

At the same time, he introduced his other children to something that allegedly broke his first marriage.

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