Nonini finally reveals the secret behind his relocation to US

The renowned Kenyan rapper Nonini has finally shared his reasons for moving to the US.

In an interview with Lulu Hassan, Nonini stated that he moved to be nearer to his son who remains in the US and to simplify his revenue streams.

He continued by saying that his relocation was influenced by the Covid lockdown because he was unable to continue earning money as an artist indoors.

After three years away, Nonini, a US resident who resides in Maryland, arrived in Nairobi for a media tour and performances.

“I relocated because my son stays in the US and I wanted as a father to be near him because right now he is 11 years old. My presence there was very paramount.

Another thing that prompted my relocation was the Covid lockdown and as Creatives we could not make money, no stimulus packages, and no night life. You know as artistes we make money through performance so I thought about and I decided to relocate,” Nonini said.

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At the same time, Nonini faulted the Kenyan systems as far as royalty collection is concerned for musicians (Creatives).

“I have fought this war for close to 20 years now. Cartels are in control… severally we tell even the President and the Minister in charge but nothing changes,” he said.

During the interview, the We Kam hitmaker challenged Kenyan musicians to build brands they could depend on for years.

“If you have an idea make sure to push your brand, because in the future when your music goes down, you can still depend on your brand. At the moment I fully depend on my brand, I made music and now I don’t need to sing every day because the brand is there. So now I just make music when I want to,” Nonini shared.

Additionally, Nonini mentioned that he currently makes his money through his apparel line dubbed Mgenge 2Ru.

“Building African brands. You make different revenue streams with music…I made this brand from nothing…and I have people who work for me here in Kenya as all the clothes are made here but the shows and caps are made in the US,” he added.

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