“We have a clue” – Police on gang who killed Kayole DCI officer

A group of three men have been tracked down by a squad of detectives after they shot and killed a fellow employee during an attack in Kayole, Nairobi.

After examining spent ammunition retrieved from the scene of the Tuesday night shooting death of policeman David Mayaka of DCI Makadara in the Mihango district, the team claims to have a lead on the killers.

An informed police official claimed that the ex-convict was connected to the bullets.

The ex-convict has also been connected to two previous robberies in the neighborhood, according to officials handling the case.

“We understand he and his gang have escaped this area and are hiding in the Githurai area. We want them to surrender,” an officer based at Nairobi Area DCI said.

The team visited the scene where the shooting happened and reviewed CCTV footage that captured the shooting before concluding it was a robbery gone bad.

Investigators say the gang was operating using two motorcycles at the time of the incident with one carrying two pillion passengers and the other with only a rider.

Mayaka’s wife Hellen Kemunto is admitted to the hospital after being hit in the left thigh. Mayaka was shot in the abdomen and died at the scene.

Nairobi police boss Adamson Bungei said they are pursuing good leads on the gang for justice in the shooting.

“We have a clue on the gang and we will ensure justice,” he said.

CCTV footage emerged showing the moment Mayaka was shot dead by the gunmen.

The disturbing clip also captured the moment a police vehicle arrived at the scene of the shooting shortly afterward but drove off without offering help despite desperate pleas from the slain detective’s wife.

The couple had stopped in the Hurlingham area(Mihang’o) to fix a puncture on their car when three men on a motorcycle pulled up and shot them.

The officer is heard in the footage pleading with the armed thugs to take whatever they wanted but one is heard saying “piga yeye” (shoot him).

“Tafadhali shika, shika, please! (please take all these take, take),” the officer is heard pleading as the gang approached them.”

The same gang had passed the area twice and police believe they were scouting before riding to where the slain officer was fixing the left tyre with the help of the wife.

It is not clear what prompted the gang to shoot at the officer with rage.

Four shots rent the air in the ensuing scuffle before the thugs sped off on a motorbike leaving the wife screaming for help.

She had been shot in the thigh after being robbed of her mobile phone.

The wife ran away before coming back screaming for help to take the bleeding officer to hospital.

Mayaka’s colleagues described him as a humble and hardworking officer.

Police say the gang was on a random robbery spree when they met the couple who were headed home then.

But the team says they are open to other theories.

A team of detectives was sent from Nairobi Area to back up their Kayole counterparts in pursuing the gang.

The body was moved to the mortuary pending autopsy and other procedures.

Cases of armed robberies are on the rise in some parts of the city. Police authorities are battling gangs that are on the loose seeking money.

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