Harusi tunayo! Bahati to wed Diana Marua in December

The forthcoming wedding plans of musician Bahati and his bride, Diana Marua, have sparked interest.

According to Nairobi News, the couple’s wedding is set to take place in December, however the exact dates have yet to be determined.

“We’ve seen them shop for various services, and I can confirm the wedding will take place in December,” a source told Nairobi News.

The wedding is set to be an invite-only affair, with the couple even considering instituting a no-phone restriction for their distinguished guests.

This latest development comes after the Bahati’s covert traditional wedding, known as “ruracio,” which took place over the weekend at an undisclosed location.

Diana Marua and Bahati have been engaged for seven years now and unlike most couples who would have wedded before having kids, the two celebrities decided to do the opposite.

However, after so many years of waiting, Bahati recently proposed for the second time to which wife Diana Marua said yes. But unlike the first time, fans now have an official date as to when the Bahati will hold a white wedding.

Addressing this through his social media pages Baha gashed over the fact that his wife Diana had agreed to marry him for the second time and went on to reveal the set date for their wedding.

“She said yes 💍💝💝💍and I officially announce that 12th December is our wedding day,” Bahati wrote on his Instagram post.

The new development comes years after Bahati held a traditional wedding where he took in Diana Marua as his official wife.

Since then the two have had five kids and now that they want to make their union official – they are happy to be doing it in the presence of their kids.

Diana a full-time mum

Despite creating online content and having to update fans on social media, Diana has so far proven to be a good mum to their five kids.

So far, her fans continue to applaud her for including Mueni Bahati even after she allegedly fell off with Baha’s first baby mama, Yvette Obura.

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