Soipan Tuya, The CS who has sued ex-husband seeking Ksh.425K In child support

Soipan Tuya, the Environment Cabinet Secretary, has gone to court to collect Ksh.425,000 from her ex-husband for school fees and maintenance for their two children.

The CS is also seeking court orders barring her ex-husband from seeing her children, going to their school, or going anyplace else.

“An order compelling the respondent to pay 50 per cent of school fees…” reads the court papers.

In a certificate of urgency, Tuya says that owing to the abusive nature of Stephen Saibulu Kudate, she, together with her children and domestic workers has been living in fear.

“The respondent relentlessly treats the applicant, their children and the applicant’s domestic workers with cruelty and has been psychologically, emotionally and verbally abused,” reads the papers.

The Cabinet Secretary in the court papers claims that she believes that Kudate is a threat to her well-being, that of her children and domestic workers.

She now wants the court to issue orders for actual care and control of the two minors and in the event the court declines, then she wants Kudate to be given limits and supervised visitation rights to the two minors.

According to court papers, the two cohabitated from December 21, 2013, and were in a relationship until October 2020 when she claims there was a disconnection.

She claims that Kudate moved out of her home and moved back with his wife.

“The plaintiff and the defendants hence lived separately, their association having been frustrated and brought to a quick end by the continuous refusal of the defendant to take responsibility towards upkeep and maintenance of the minor children as well as various incidences of violence, abuse and infidelity by the defendant,” reads court papers.

Tuya further argues that since the onset of the relationship and split, the defendant has failed and declined to pay any share of school fees and school-related expenses towards the children despite being able to meet the expenses.

“It is as a result of the defendant’s failure to pay any shares of school fees, upkeep, abuse and infidelity that the plaintiff seeks this court’s intervention on matters custody, care and control of the children,” Tuya claims.

The matter is scheduled for mention on November 13.

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