Judy Nyawira reveals why she stay away from Abel Mutua’s family

Judy Nyawira, wife of film producer Abel Mutua, has disclosed why she makes every effort to limit interaction with her in-laws.

That is due to trauma she has encountered in the past, which is what prompted her to make that choice when she got married.

Judy claimed in an interview with YouTuber Lynn Ngugi that her mother’s in-laws turned on her when her father passed away 21 years ago, evicted them from their home, and stole their late father’s fortune citing the absence of a will as a defense.

This happened despite her mother being a devoted housewife.

“Everything they had built with my dad was in his name. So when the in-laws decided to do whatever they did, she had no means to claim.”

From that point on, her life took a catastrophic turn as her mother was forced to work and earn a pitiful Sh200 as a cleaner; this experience inspired Judy to work hard and become who she is today.

“I would accompany mom to the market where we would sweep for as low as Sh200. Starting from scratch was hard.”

Nyawira says she is well aware that anything might happen despite having a wonderful connection with her in-laws and that she won’t soon forget this event.

“Of course I have in-laws but if there is something I strive to do is stay away from my in-laws. We have a very cordial relationship but I always try to keep a distance and it’s because of what I saw my mum go through with her in-laws,” she added.

Judy continued her remembrance by saying that, happily, things improved when her mum was given a position with a higher salary, which led to an improvement in Judy’s quality of life.

“Our breakthrough came when mom got a job in Karatina town. I was in High School at that time and life gradually changed for the better. Mom could now afford to escort me to a supermarket and buy me biscuits, blue band, and other goodies plus give me Sh500 pocket money before I left for school.”

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