5 people injured in shootout between police and thugs in Nairobi

A police officer opened fire at the Dandora Total Railway Cross, injuring five individuals who were sent to the Mama Lucy Hospital in Nairobi.

There wasn’t much going on, according to witnesses, until the police started shooting.

However, Francis Kamau, the chief of the Kamukunji sub-county police, claimed that while on patrol, the officers spotted three thieves engaged in a robbery and confronted them.

He asserted that the purported robbers pulled out a gun and fired at the officer.

Four phones were found, according to the police, and one of them was successfully recognized by a victim who had provided a statement to the police in Dandora.

Phone theft at gunpoint has been going on for some time in the area and police have been trailing the thieves for a long time, according to the area OCPD.

Among the injured were passengers who were waiting to board the matatus.

Residents however expressed concern that the police officer might have shot innocent Kenyans. They claim he has previously shot a child in Huruma, demanding justice for the victims.

Meanwhile, the OCPD has said one suspect is under police watch at the Mama Lucy Hospital nursing a gunshot wound on the head.

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