Wajackoyah reacts to Jalango’s claims that his fame is short-lived: “Jalango is a cerelac kid” .

Yesterday, Former Kiss FM host and parliamentary candidate Jalang’o slammed presidential candidate George Wajackoyah over his bhang pledges.

According to Jalang’o, Wajackoyah’s popularity will diminish quickly since he is out of touch with many voters, particularly the elderly.

He further asked the aspirant to stop misleading Kenyans by promising to legalise the harmful product called bhang.

“Politics is inclusive and you have to bring everybody, mothers make up most of the voters out here and I don’t think they can consider giving their votes to someone who says he will make bhang legal. He is not going anywhere,” said Jalang’o.

Wajackoyah’s heat can only be felt in the capital and other urban regions, according to the comic, but the majority of people in rural areas have no idea who he is or what he stands for.

“Politics is very different. There’s Baba who is talking about his 6000 to the people, baba care, universal health and reviving of textile industries and you you’re talking about selling of snakes and bhang,” he stated.

Jalang’o says that most of Wajackoya’s audience are people from towns and that those in rural areas might not even have any idea of who he is and that he is not going anywhere with his campaign.

“In the polls, people will elect someone they think can bring changes in their lives,”he says.


Clearly the message from Jalango reached the Prof. who has decided to angrily react.

Speaking with the Plug TV, Wajackoyah dismissed Jalango as a fool and cerelac kid feeding on milk.

“Jalango is a cerelac kid. Hata ukiona ki-mwili chake ni amekunywa maziwa mingi na ujinga mingi kwa kichwa. That boy has no brains how do you against your father like this” Prof. Wajackoyah said.


“Jalango am telling you, hiyo ujinga upeleke nje…hiyo ka-degree kako tunataka kujua ulipata namna gani…”

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