“Siwezi bishana na strangers” – Sanaipei Tande opens up on viral photos of her in short dress

Sanaipei Tande donned a garment that many thought was unsuitable for a woman her age in May 2023. She captioned a series of photos she posted on Twitter at the time.

“Vile inafaa!! Good morning”

The post has had 1.2m views since May 2. She addressed the critics in a new interview with Oga Obinna on his KulaCooler show Monday, July 17.

“Like I said when I was 19, these things used to bother me.

But now it’s just you know you can read into how people are saying how they are saying, what they are saying, this person is hating you in a way that is just unintelligent.

If I can put it that way.

So you ask yourself unataka kubizana na mtu haujui alizaliwa wapi, haujui anaishi wapi haujui anafanya akazi gani. Haujui ni nini imemfanya so bitter mpaka anakutusi na hajawahi kukumeet? So why engage?” she posed

Obinna agreed with her saying he relates to social media bullying as well.

“You just do you and appreciate the good comments. You know we always say focus on the positive vibe.

You can’t just always focus on negativity, you are going down so there’s always those people who appreciate you, love you for what you do, who you are, and you follow that”


“These other people, sasa wacha nisiongee mbaya. yeah but you know I was trending.” she ended.

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