Ni kama imeenda! Alex Mwakideu hints at joining Radio 47

Famous media personality Alex Mwakideu was seen on Saturday, August 19, 2023 at Radio 47, prompting him to clarify something.

Mwakideu claimed that Ali Hassan Kauleni, a former coworker, had invited him as a guest to one of their gigs in a statement shared on his social media.

Mwakideu claimed that the purpose of his statement was to dispel any misunderstanding that might result from his visit to the competing station.

 “Shukran kwa mwaliko @alikauleni jiunge nasi moja kwa moja ndani ya @radio47_ke kuanzia sasa hadi saa tano asubuhi. Mada ni Uanahabari na Elimu.  Jamani wanablogu, mimi ni mwalikwa tu. 🙈🤣😂🤣🙈,” Mwakideu said.

However, MP Jalang’o joined the conversation, warning his best friend (Mwakidu) to stop playing mind games with people.

Ati mgeni! Hii mchezo yako tunaijua! 😂😂,” Jalang’o said.

Another section of those who reacted to Mwakideu’s post was quick to compel him to come clean on whether he has joined Radio 47 or Not.

Early this week, Mwakideu confused his fans and followers after announcing his exit from Milele FM before making a U-turn on the same with hours.

“Yooooh! It’s been 5 years ndani ya Milele FM. NIME ENJOY!!! Let me say ASANTE SANA to you, the Listener because without you, hakuna radio! You are the reason we do this thing called Radio.

“Let me also say Asante sana to all my colleagues, the ones I am leaving behind, and the ones who left Milele FM already. Thank you all. Tuliipiga, na Ikapigika!! Page closed. Onto the next one! Guess tunaenda wapi next….,” he said.

However, he cancelled his exit from Milele saying; “Yooh, bado niko Milele FM. Kumbe munanipenda hivi… aaawwweeee… Thank you for all the phone calls and text messages, we had a small misunderstanding, which has been sorted. So we are now good to go! Itambe Milele!,”.

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