SAD! 6 people die during a wedding in Kiambu

A wedding ceremony attended by a group tragically ended with them drowning in an underground water tank while singing and dancing in a Kiambu village.

According to the police, the group had just arrived at a house for a wedding ceremony when they started dancing while standing on the concrete surface of the tank.

Six casualties, including children, were reported to have drowned after the slab caved in while at least 17 people were inside, according to the police.

On Saturday morning, the incident took place in Kihunguro, Ruiru, Kiambu County.

According to the police, the victims fell into the water tank as the concrete slab gave way beneath the weight of the group.

This sent an alarm as those who witnessed rushed to save them. One child died on the spot awhile the other people were rescued and taken to hospital.

Police said five others were confirmed dead on arrival at a hospital in Ruiru.

A team of fire brigade officers from Kiambu rushed to rescue the group that had been trapped in the underground water tank.

Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi confirmed the incident.

“An underground tank has caved in at Kihunguro near the Administration Police Post in Ruiru Sub-County. Friends and family were celebrating a wedding when the tank caved in with about 30 people.

“Several of them have been rescued through the effort of the County Government of Kiambu fire brigade and community members. The rescue mission is continuing. We feel sorry for the families who were impacted and wish a quick recovery to the victims,” he said.

The incident sent the wedding into disarray. Police have launched investigations into the tragedy.

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