Alex Mwakideu changes mind, returns to Milele FM hours after quiting

Alex Mwakideu has reversed his earlier announcement that he was leaving his position at Milele FM.

Through his social media, the announcement had been made.

Now that the ‘problems’ between him and the business have been resolved, he claims he will keep working for the radio station in question.

“Yooh, bado niko Milele FM. Kumbe munanipenda hivi… aaawwweeee… Thank you for all the phone calls and text messages, we had a small misunderstanding, which has been sorted. So we are now good to go! Itambe Milele!”

Mwakideu had earlier thanked his fans for their supporting for the 5 years he has been hosting the Milele FM radio show.

Alex Mwakideu

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