Amber Ray’s Unleashes New Bae

It is undebatable that Amber Ray is the queen of “oga mbio mbio urudi soko.”

The damsel never wastes time! You dump today, tomorrow she has already gotten herself another man, to matters worse, better than you!

In a recent interview by Oga Obina, where Amber was sharing about her toxic relationships, she revealed that she was already taken, and was not ready to tell us who the new catch is.

Well, no more! At least this new catch has been revealed.

One Kennedy Rapudo is the lucky man, currently warming Amber’s bed.

Kennedy shared photos of him getting cozy with Amber in his Instastories during the weekend. One of the photos featured him snogging Amber.

As if the photos were not enough, Kennedy shared a video of himself and Amber in a car, probably going for a road trip.

According to his Instagram profile, Kennedy is a well-traveled man with a master’s degree in international relations. He loves playing golf and exploring new adventures.

Amber is yet to post anything about Kennedy, but we are hoping she will soon.

Relationships have been a roller-coaster for Amber.

Her recent break was with Sierra Leonean basketballer Kabba, who has accused Amber of witchcraft. He claimed that Amber was taking advantage of him; thus, he feared marrying her because she would have made him her wife.

Kabba seemingly underwent “raw” character development in his relationship with Amber. The man, now, claims he will never date women from Kambaland, where Amber hails, due to his bad experience with Amber.

In her defense, Amber claimed she did not use witchcraft on Kabba. She noted that she does not witchcraft to get a man because she is beautiful and men can not resist her. She promised her fans that she will soon tell her side of the story of what happened with her relationship with Kabba.

Meanwhile, let us watch how this new love will go. We only hope that Mr. Kennedy to be the man that will walk our girl down the aisle.

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