“Mambo itakuwa sawa” – Alpha Mwana Mtule gives update on his health

Alpha Mwana Mtule, an ailing gospel musician who has been in the hospital for almost two months due to a serious medical condition, gave his fans hope that everything will be alright.

His attempt to walk with assistance was captured in a video that moved fans who were worried about his welfare.

“Mambo itakuwa sawa. (Things will be well),” Mwana Mtule shared a heartfelt message on TikTok.

The gospel artist recently made headlines in October when false rumors circulated about his demise, leading to confusion and premature tributes.

Mwana Mtule clarified that he had been poisoned and is actively dealing with the repercussions of a life-threatening situation.

Expressing disappointment at comments suggesting he sought attention, Mwana Mtule emphasized the authenticity of his struggle, dispelling any doubts about the severity of his health condition.

“I’m not dead; I thank God for saving my life. I was poisoned at a friend’s place in Rongai. I will talk soon and explain what happened because now I’m still not feeling well…I’m still alive, and police are investigating for the suspects,” Mtule said.

Comedian 2Mbili took to the forefront, urging fellow celebrities, especially artists, to rally support for the ailing musician.

Despite Mwana Mtule’s attempts to seek help from fellow artists, only a handful, including Guardian Angel and David Wonder, visited him at Kenyatta National Hospital.

The TikTok post drew an outpouring of support and well-wishes from fans and fellow artists:

Pøminhø: afro wa mine brooo….nafurahi kukuonaa ukitembea man…..sorry brooonakutakia afya njemaa na uponeee faster fastaaha (maridadiiiiasanta shanaa)

pretty p: lets pray. may God protect you from all the short comings that are facing you right now. May all tge doctors and medicines that you are using be guided by God to heal you. we pray for you healing.

Nyamete Kevin: Alpha needs financial breakthrough in Jesus mighty name plz guys lets come true tumuokolee…

moseclint: we really missed you mwana mtule,,get well soon.

neshmhumble3: Happy seeing u recovering akiii with time u will be totally fine let us continue to pray.

kiluhya tu: quick recovery bro.

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