Kamene Goro reveals why she doesn’t want to have kids: “It’s expensive”

Kiss 100 radio presenter Kamene Goro has reiterated that she does not want kids.

Speaking in an interview, Kamene was asked what she would teach her kids on gender equality, and she said she does not plan to become a mother.

“Kids are not in my plan. It is a bit tedious, “said Kamene, noting that she does not think she would change her minds

Kamene, a former TV presenter, further detailed why she is not keen on having offspring.

“Kids are a lot of sacrifice and it is one I probably don’t want to make. Plus they are expensive, think of school fees, health care and more.”

She further noted that even watching adorable kids does not make her feel like having one.

“That is a vanity. I don’t want a little version of me, what will I do with a little version of me?” she wondered.

Kamene added that she has done her part of parenting and wants to have a blast.

“I have lived the better part of my life parenting everyone, now I can just do me for as long as possible.”

Her sentiments elicited mixed reactions online, with one person saying:

“She doesn’t know what she’s missing.”

“I respect her decision, yes, parenting isn’t easy, and you have to be intentional,” another added.

Kamene speaks on freedom without kids

The media personality said the pregnancy journey is time-consuming, and having no kids allows her to do what she wants when she wants to.

Kamene admitted that she enjoys her life as it currently is because she has no responsibilities.

“This whole nine months thing looks like a lot of time, what I have heard about pregnancies is very scary. There’s the giving birth, it’s not an easy thing. I want to have full liberty over my life. I want to wake up and say, I want to go to Zanzibar,” she said.

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