“Sijawahi kunywa pombe ama kuvuta Bhangi” – Musician Jaguar shares advice to other celebs

Charles “Jaguar” Njagua, a former Starehe member of parliament, has declared that he has never smoked cigarettes or consumed alcohol.

Jaguar revealed the information while cautioning aspiring musicians against abusing alcohol or other substances.

“I have never touched alcohol in my life or smoked cigarettes or even Marijuana.

So I’m calling upon all artists and when you join the industry and always demand that your table be served with 10 bottles of champagne, there is a time you will luck and be forced to drink what’s available,” Jaguar said in part.

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“This is advice to all musicians not just Boondocks Gang. Those who are even on top, please invest now so that in future you don’t beg us to contribute for you, because I will not,”.

Former Starehe Member of Parliament Charles ‘Jaguar’ Njagua
Former Starehe Member of Parliament Charles ‘Jaguar’ Njagua

The CAS advised MP Jalang’o to support Boondocks Gang’s Maddox, who is struggling with alcoholism and is struggling to make music. The Don was tasked to help the struggling star, urging him not to let him suffer.

“You know Bughaa is now the elder in the industry, so I’m giving you two days to ensure that you get that boy, he cleans up and heads back to the studio. Now just go and relax then tomorrow send you people to trace that young man,” Jalang’o ordered.

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KRG interjected requesting people who can trace Maddox to bring him to where he is and he will reward them for the job.

“I’m asking all the boda boda people in Kasarani to bring Maddox to me and I will give whoever does that sh20,000,” KRG said.

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