“The best thing you can ever have is finding love” – Otile Brown advises Kenyans

The quantity of hate on social media surprises Otile Brown.

Otile is seen elaborating on the reasons behind the current generation’s apparent depression in a recent Instagram story.

“To young people and my peers, in this generation, the best thing you can ever have is genuiine connection, friendships, vibes, love. Try to find love, its the only thing that can save us,” he said.


“It breaks my heart seeing very young people so bitter and show hate to women on a certain level. Sometimes I don’t respond to attacks but on a certain level I’m surprised that a young man can think like that.”

Otile Brown
Otile Brown

He went on to say that the current generation is broken and people are depressed and sad.

“That bad energy is just ruining good things. Anybody that failed/fails you don’t just deserve you and its okay. Move with pure intentions and energy and you will attract just that.”

“You’ll be surprised how many genuine people are out here. You just need to really be what you want to attract.”

This comes just a day after Brown responded to a fan who condemned him for choosing a female manager.

“Male artiste choosing a female manager is the biggest downfall unless its your mother,” wrote the social media user

Otile responded “Your brains disgust me.”

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