Dr. King’ori quits NTV after 7 years of service, announces next chapter

Dr. King’ori, also known as Felix Omondi, has left NTV, a Kenyan television network managed by Nation Media Group.

He will be leaving the show after all its editorial shows were ended in a restructuring plan.

Dr. King’ori, known for his satirical show, The Wicked Edition, has hosted over 300 episodes over the past seven years, with over 70 million views on YouTube.

“Since its inception, The Wicked Edition has grown to be the satire show par excellence in Kenya. This is thanks to the unwavering support from you our beloved viewer.

Your patronage propelled us to great heights, earning us recognition at the prestigious Kalasha Awards and a nomination for the best performance in TV comedy and the best TV Comedy in Kenya for the upcoming 2024 edition.

Dr. King'ori quits NTV after 7 years of service
Dr. King’ori quits NTV after 7 years of service

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude towards NTV Kenya for being our nurturing home – a platform where creativity was met with opportunity. To every member of the creative team, crew and every guest on each episode your passion and talent have been the cornerstone of our success.

Your dedication shone through each episode of The Wicked Edition that we have shared with the world,” the comedian renowned for his punchlines stated.

Dr. King'ori quits NTV after 7 years of service
Dr. King’ori quits NTV after 7 years of service

Dr. King’ori has encouraged his followers to subscribe to his YouTube channel for updates and announced that The Wicked Edition will continue to celebrate Kenyan culture and promote unity through laughter.

“This journey, while ending with NTV Kenya, is set for a new beginning as we expand our reach, venture into greater creative endeavours and continue delivering value-laden content to our fans across East Africa and beyond. And as we chart new courses and explore fresh narratives, we invite you to join us through the plot twists.

“Thank you for being a part of our story. Here’s to turning a new page together, with anticipation for the countless stories yet to be told. I promise to keep prescribing doses of the best medicine, laughter,” King’ori stated.

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