Remembering Yaliyotendeka radio presenter Waweru Mburu

Veteran Radio presenter Waweru Mburu was a great man who entertained us every Monday and on on weekdays at 8pm in his personal Yaliyotendeka show.

Waweru Mburu was a fearless, outspoken, controversial public person with no less interesting life.

Early life

Even though, famous radio presenter and Citizen Radio veteran was a public person, he did his best to leave his biography a mystery.

Even Waweru Mburu’s age is unknown. According to the his profiles on Facebook, he finished the Emusire Boys High School in Kakamega.

After that Waweru entered University of Nairobi, where he successfully managed to get a degree in Development Communication.

Even in adulthood, he continued to study and gained new knowledge. Waweru graduated from Radio Netherlands Training Center with a degree in Management.

Career history

People loved Waweru Mburu not only for his deep, masculine voice, but for his courageous criticism of the authorities, objective journalistic analysis and witty observations.

Waweru Mburu “Yaliyotendeka”, a fifteen minute radio show was loved by hundreds of people. Waweru highlighted only the most acute problems in the life of ordinary Kenyans.

“Yaliyotendeka” show and controversial comments, made Waweru a true star and helped him to gain both admirers and critics. Waweru Mburu photos were in almost all media sources.

Waweru Mburu knew what were the most urgent problems in lives of ordinary people

However, professional Waweru Mburu history began with a quite opposite job. Straight after education, the celebrity presenter started teaching Swahili at an educational institution.

Waweru Mburu was also a real veteran at Royal Media Services. He stood at the very beginning, when they didn’t even have a professional radio studio. The founders had to broadcast from a bank’s strong room at AM Bank House.

At those times, Waweru launched his own show Wembe Wa Citizen. The main aim of the show was to severely criticize government, business, and even private citizens when some of them were making mistakes.

Waweru Mburu Radio Citizen career helped him to become the head of the company. Thanks to his brilliant journalistic skills and diligence, not only he managed to launch a popular show, that lasted for more than a decade, but reached the top of his career.

Waweru also used to work as a panelist on “Cheche Show”, a popular weekly television show about politics on Citizen TV. Waweru Mburu Youtube videos gained more and more views and popularity among his fans.

Political career

Waweru Mburu history contains a lot of politics. The presenter always raised important sociopolitical and geopolitical questions during his evening show. And it always gathered a large audience of listeners and admires.

Waweru Mburu even managed to declare his bid to vie for Maragua Constituency MP seat in 2017.

Personal life

Waweru Mburu family started with his meeting with Bridget Waithera. The happy couple married on 25th September 1993 and lived together for almost 23 years. Our eternal Lord had blessed them with three wonderful children – Anthony, Faith and John Mburu.
Deadly disease and death

This fantastic man, brilliant presenter and honest journalist has given his soul to God on 28th of September 2016. After a long fight with a deadly disease – gastric cancer Waweru Mburu history came to its end. The presenter even tried to get medical care in India, however, returned to continue treatment in MP Shah Hospital.

Waweru Mburu burial ceremony was held in Murang’a Teachers Training College, from where the body has been transferred to the Punda Milia farm, where Waweru used to live and has already found eternal peace.

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