Heri masomo! Akothee enrolls for master’s degree

Akothee, a Kenyan musician, recently declared her academic plans.

She posted on Instagram about her plans to get a master’s degree, urging her followers to join her on this educational journey.

Registering for my Masters. Are you joining me?” Akothee wrote.

Akothee continued to share her wisdom and thoughts on the importance of education, saying, “Choose your priorities right. Education is the only asset no one can take away.”

Before she pursued a master’s degree, Akothee had been focusing on her undergraduate studies.

In April this year, she sat for her undergraduate exams while pursuing a Bachelor of Business Management at Mount Kenya University.

She enthusiastically shared her progress on social media, specifically noting her specialization in Human Resources.

“You can hire me after August. It’s been a journey. 14 years in University Aaa…I will be back once I am done. My last paper is on Saturday at 6.00 pm. Where do we throw the party? Then off to my honeymoon to make beautiful memories,” Akothee wrote.

Akothee has been recently hitting the headlines after news broke about her separation from Denis Schweizer, also known as Omosh.

Addressing the rumors and speculations, Akothee conducted a TikTok live session to clarify the situation.

She revealed that she had decided to leave the relationship in June, noting that her belief in not forcing a relationship when it no longer works.

During their honeymoon, Akothee discovered some issues that led her to end the relationship. She candidly explained,

“I normally walk out of my relationships when I am still in the relationship. When I was on honeymoon, I found out some things that I could not keep up with. In July, he asked me if I would leave him, but I told him, ‘No, baby, I love you, but I had already left.'”

Despite the separation, Akothee had kind words for Omosh, acknowledging his support during a challenging period in her life. She also expressed no regrets about her wedding, saying that it had been a dream come true.

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