Wells Fargo employees steals Sh94 million from Quickmart

Two Wells Fargo Company employees have gone missing after stealing Ksh.94,918,750 from Quickmart store.

According to a police complaint issued on Monday, the company’s driver, Anthony Ndiuki, and Charles Mugetha, left the company’s premises in South C at around 8.30 a.m.

The two, who were on board the company’s car, left with Ksh. 94.9 million without police escort, as is customary.

The funds came from Quickmart supermarket weekend sales and were to be delivered to the Family Bank Kenyatta Avenue branch.

“The said motor vehicle was found dumped at Dafam area South C, next to the southern bypass, without the suspects and the money missing,” reads a police statement.

The DCIO from Langata is investigating the issue, and the scene was visited by the OCS.

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