Sarah Kabu impresses Kenyans after gifting her househelp with new sofa for Christmas

Sarah Kabu, managing director of Bonfire Adventures, gave one of her nannies a new sofa for Christmas as a token of gratitude.

She shared a video of herself and her nanny, Caro, at the Githogoro Market furniture store, where she paid KSh 25,000 for a seven-seater sofa.

Kabu said that because Caro is her daytime nanny and is dependable and industrious, she chose to surprise her.

She also disclosed that she wanted to get a cozy sofa for the newly constructed home that her husband, Simon Kabu, had built for Caro.

“As a secret Santa, I have just surprised my daytime nanny with a seven-seater sofa set for Christmas after hubby built her a house recently. Imagine for only 25,000. You can also surprise someone this Christmas with a sofa,” she wrote in the caption.

Sarah Kabu has cautioned fellow married women against being too comfortable in their marriages.

Sarah Kabu on marriage

According to the Director of Bonfire Adventures, married women could become single mothers with the snap of a finger.

“Even if we are saying we are in the government as goat wives, every goat wife is a potential single mother. It is good to know the other side of what happens because when you are a goat wife, you can easily find yourself a single mother. With a click of a button, you have jumped to becoming a single mum,” she told Mpasho.

“Married women are potential single mothers. Nowadays, you’ll find that something small will happen and you’re a single mother. You find that you were living in Runda in your beautiful home, driving your Range Rover then all of a sudden, you’re done. That is why you find some who end up stranded and others sink into depression after the end of their marriages,” she added.

‘The Comfort Zone is Dangerous’

The award-winning businesswoman advised women to get out of their comfort zones and work on a contingency plan.

“As a woman, you can work hard and feed your children without depending on a man and you still love the man who is the father of your children.

We need to know that women, the comfort zone is dangerous. Learn to look for your own money as a woman. I am challenged by her(Akothee). Learn to rise above the comfort zone because you do not know what tomorrow holds. Learn to fend for yourself,” Mrs Kabu insisted.

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