Karen Nyamu shares adorable bonding moment with Samidoh & her kids

Senator Karen Nyamu shared a sweet moment of bonding with her kids, Taraya Wairimu and Samuel Muchoki.

The senator documented the events in her bedroom in videos that she shared on Instagram. The two children had sneaked into their mother’s bed, rebuffing the notion of sleeping in their own room, even though it was past one in the morning.

Despite Nyamu’s pleas for them to sleep in their room, the children were determined to stay. “Can you go to your room, everybody?” Nyamu asked, but the response was a firm “No!”

Undeterred, Nyamu tried to persuade them by reminding them of school the next day. “Nimo, can you go to your bed?

Sammy Sammy, can you go to your bed? Tomorrow is school, all the children are sleeping. All the children in the world,” she urged.

However, the children remained unmoved, staying snug under the covers. The nanny joined in, attempting to entice them to go to their room.

“Come, let’s go. Mama will give you chocolate,” she offered.

Despite the tempting offer, the kids stuck to their decision, even threatening to report Nyamu to Samidoh for not letting them sleep in her bed.

“I will cry for daddy,” Sammy Jr. declared. “Also me, I am going to cry for daddy,” echoed Wairimu.

The children then shared details of the quality time they had spent with their father. “Yesterday, daddy was feeding me,” Wairimu said.

“Aunty, dad was showering me slowly,” Sammy Jr. added, recounting their special moments with their father.

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