VIDEO: Bomet Bride Breaks Silence After Canceling Wedding At the Last Minute

The pastor informed the groom and his entourage that the bride would not be showing up while the guests were seated in the church.

After the wedding was postponed, the bride at the center of a disastrous wedding in Bomet broke her silence, leaving the groom upset and causing speculation.

Pastor Clement Chalulot was scheduled to officiate the wedding at Kapsoiyo Africa Gospel Church (AGC) in Bomet on Saturday. However, the bride grew reticent and requested that the ceremony be rescheduled at the last minute.

Up until the wedding committee received word that the bride would not be showing up, everything was going as planned, with the groom and his entourage excitedly anticipating her arrival.

Further reports state that the bride requested more time and neglected to deliver her documentation, including her National ID, which was required to prepare the marriage certificate.

“We only learned of the development at the last minute. The bride refused to hand over essential documents such as her ID.

She also displayed a reluctance to continue with the wedding as initially planned even though the groom assured us that all was well.

“This is unfortunate, but to some extent, we are lucky because we have only spent Ksh50,000 from our total wedding budget.” The pastor told journalists.

Relatives and friends who had thronged the venue of the wedding were left disappointed with little communication forthcoming as the bride insisted on being given more time and declined to engage in lengthy discussions.

Bomet Bride Speaks 

Hours after the disastrous nuptials, the bride spoke, confirming that she had been at home with her parents and refuting rumors that she had fled.

She went on to say that although the wedding had been postponed, it had not been cancelled and she was looking forward to it.

“Yesterday we were told that the wedding cannot continue because of the delay of some letters but we were waiting for the day like never before,” She stated.

She appealed for patience, urging the public not to castigate her without knowing the full story and added that for now, they are only waiting for the pastor’s call to proceed with the wedding.

“I am waiting for the reverend to call us. We didn’t cancel the wedding, it was postponed,” she explained.

It is not clear when the wedding will proceed and if the reasons behind its postponement have been addressed.

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