“I am left with God only” – Brian Chira laments being dumped by friends

TikToker Brian Chira has once again appeared for a live interview to explain how his life has become after many friends left him because of his actions.

Comedian Obinna explained that Brian Chira sought him out for his blog to tell him about the challenges he is facing.

“My friends left me to live alone, I am left with God and the phone many times at my house, I just pray to God, when sleep overwhelms me, I call on my phone,” he said.

Chira once again apologized to his followers and fellow bloggers who helped him build his name online despite his abusive actions.

“I apologize to my superiors, I have accepted my mistakes and I want us to live well with my friends because I feel lonely all the time,” Chira said.

In this interview, the Tiktoker said that alcoholism had contributed to the pain that has angered his fellow bloggers, but he begged them for forgiveness saying that he was ready to change.

How Chira Ended Up Being An Orphan With HIV

When Chira’s mother passed away from difficulties related to HIV/AIDS at a young age, he was left orphaned and in the care of his grandma.

He is left to tackle life’s obstacles without the support of his parents because little is known about his father. When a friend tricked him into getting tested, he was shocked to hear that he had HIV.

Chira continues to persevere despite experiencing personal challenges without losing sight of the value of her family. He supports his grandma and his orphaned cousins, who also lost their mother to HIV, whenever he can. His empathy and resilience are highlighted by these situations.

Chira And Fame

Brian Chira’s circumstances dramatically changed in 2022. He became famous online after a video dubbed “Witness” went popular on social media sites. His excellent English accent and endearing demeanor were highlighted in the film, which captivated many people throughout the globe. Encouraged by his recent success, Chira made the decision to use his notoriety to reach out to more people and establish his online presence.


Chira attended Kabarak University to further his schooling before becoming famous. But even as fame drew near, he struggled with drinking and sadness after losing his guardian. He spoke candidly about the difficulties he had in an interview with Oga Obinna, disclosing the tension that overcame him and led him to turn to alcohol as a coping technique.

Chira And Azziad Nasenya

After a recent online dispute with fellow content creator Azziad Nasenya, Chira found himself back in the news. The incident attracted media attention, further complicating Chira’s public perception.

Brian Chira continues to wield significant influence in the realm of social media, showcasing the remarkable strength of personal resilience and the transformative impact of using one’s voice for positive change.

Amidst the unpredictable nature of fame, his journey serves as a powerful reminder that behind every digital persona resides a complex individual with a captivating story waiting to be explored.

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