Pastor Ng’ang’a unveils special church service for single people

In an unusual move, Pastor Ng’ang’a invites single men and women to the pulpit and urges them to actively look for life partners among themselves.

The controversial city preacher James Maina Ng’ang’a, who is well-known for his direct and unorthodox approaches, made headlines recently once more when he took an unconventional stance on singledom among his flock at Neno Evangelism Church.

Ng’ang’a encouraged his single members of the congregation to actively seek life partners by leading them onto the pulpit during a recent sermon, which was an unusual move.

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He asked single men and women to come forward first, in an unexpected move that caught everyone off guard.

In a video that has been making rounds since january 29, Ng’ang’a is heard saying, “Nilikuwa nafikiri tuite wale wamama ambao hawajaolewa waje hapa mbele waonane na hawa wanaume.”

With both groups assembled on the pulpit, Ng’ang’a prompted them to interact and explore potential connections that could lead to marriage.


This unusual initiative aimed to facilitate introductions and foster relationships among church members.

In addition to the pulpit exercise, Ng’ang’a announced plans for a dedicated church service aimed at praying for unmarried members of his congregation.

He encouraged them to bring offerings during the service, emphasising the importance of seeking divine intervention in their quest for companionship.

This isn’t the first time Ng’ang’a has addressed the marital status of his congregation. Last year, he issued a six-month ultimatum to single members, urging them to either find partners or consider leaving the church.

His bold ultimatum sparked debate and garnered attention both within and outside the congregation.

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