SHOCK as Company bans its employees from receiving Valentine gifts

A company has gone viral after forbidding staff members from receiving Valentine’s gifts from lovers. The company, not disclosed, prohibited employees from bringing gifts and mandated them to share this information with their loved ones. If violated, the company would take action.

“Please note that no Valentine’s gifts are allowed within the company premises. management has made this decision in order to safeguard other employees from unnecessary pressure and stress. Kindly communicate with your loved ones about this instruction in time to avoid any inconvenience.

Please note this will be taken seriously and commensurate action will be taken against violators. ” the company memo read.

The viral post seemed to please many and they took into the comments to give their view in regards to this move by the company.

Company bans its employees from receiving Valentine gifts
Company bans its employees from receiving Valentine gifts

Kenyans react:

Agnes Nanyangwe: The entire management is single awe allows people to show love even siblings can bring you gifts

Waana Kaluyi: This CEO is so understanding, kudos

Lucy Lulu Phiri: The boss is very single

D’Angelo D’Silva: Fair enough! With the way things are hard not all of us can afford to buy Valentine’s gifts for our loved ones. The management has done the honorable thing by making sure that our loved ones at various workplaces don’t get tempted and demand gifts from their partners simply because their colleagues received gifts

Kamalonga Kasota: This Company must have a lot of Internal Affairs or Entanglements.

Oscar B M Greenwells: This company should be very well represented at this year’s men’s conference. Unless the director is a single woman without any expectations to receive a present

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