How Meru potholes put President Ruto’s life in danger

Following President Ruto’s official vehicle’s tyre burst due to a pothole, Meru senator Kathuri Murungi has criticized the Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA).

At Ntharene, on the Meru-Embu highway, Senator Murungi was giving a speech on Monday. It is believed that the incident happened at around midday.

“I felt so sorry for the president kuona gari yake imegonga na imepasuka mguu,” the Senator said on Monday.

“Imagine if we were going down hill na imepiga mguu what would have happened to the Head of State.”

According to the senator, in the Saturday, January 27 incident, the president’s official car hit a pothole as it went uphill and came to a stop moments later.

“With that speed of the presidential motorcade, if we were going downhill, we would now be talking of a very different matter,” he added.

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Senator Kathuri now blames KeNHA for failure to maintain the Meru-Embu highway, which he said, has developed many potholes, posing dangers to motorists and pedestrians.

The legislator implored KeNHA to repair the highway and at the same time, upgrade some of the busy KERRA Roads to KeNHA standards.

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The vocal senator also wants KeNHA to give the maintenance contracts to locals, whom he claims can expedite repairs whenever possible.

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