“I gave up being a human” – Meet the man who spent Ksh20M to transform into dog

In a truly bizarre and unconventional move, a Japanese man named Toco recently spent a staggering $20,000 to transform himself into a border collie. Yes, you heard that right – he actually became a dog.

Toco achieved this extraordinary feat by purchasing a hyperrealistic dog costume created by a Japanese company called Zeppet.Z

After spending 40 days crafting this intricate disguise, Toco finally had the opportunity to step out into the world as a dog and take his first-ever walk in public.

Filming his experience, Toco ventured out into the streets, fully embracing his newfound identity. As he strolled along, something pretty interesting happened… he made friends with other canines.

Passers-by and their furry companions were captivated by Toco’s realistic appearance, marvelling at the lifelike features of his costume and realistic movements to those of an actual dog. It was almost as if they couldn’t tell that he was, in fact, a human in disguise.

In written notes explaining his unusual transformation, Toco revealed that his desire to become a dog had been with him since childhood.

Perhaps fueled by a deep admiration for these loyal and playful creatures, he longed to experience life from their perspective. By hiding his human identity, Toco hoped to avoid the judgment and scrutiny that often accompanies unconventional choices.

While some may find Toco’s decision perplexing or even absurd, it’s important to remember that individuality comes in many forms.

The human experience is vast and complex, and for some, it means exploring uncharted territories in search of personal fulfilment. Toco’s journey challenges societal norms and pushes the boundaries of self-expression.

This incredible transformation also highlights the remarkable advances in technology and creativity. The fact that a hyperrealistic dog costume exists is a testament to our ability to bring imagination to life. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into creating this disguise is truly astounding.

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