Pastor Debra Sharon set to lose her virg*n$ty in hours after remaining pure for years

Pastor Debra Sharon is scheduled to get married in less than 24 hours while honoring her steadfast promise to remain sexually clean until marriage. Her tale is an inspirational one of dedication and faith.

The soon-to-be-married pastor posted about her journey on Facebook, outlining the difficulties she encountered and the triumph she is now experiencing as her wedding day draws near.

Pastor Sharon expressed her gratitude for the perseverance that helped shape her character in an emotional Facebook post.

“In Less than 24 hours i will be someone’s wife. I’m re-posting this here because it has been a testimony of endurance that produced character which birthed hope that made me keep believing i will live to see this day.
I would prefer to get married silently with my sexually status unknown but there is a season in my generation that demanded a voice of an epistle. I felt really uncomfortable that this was on the newspaper plainly like that but God used it to draw many girls into repentance.
I got messages and calls of girls who wanted to walk back that sexual purity, that season made me wear my full armor confidently piercing the devil’s hands and snatching Jesus girls and boys from his sexual immorality deception.
Sexual purity is not for virgins alone. God requires our bodies as a living sacrifice, Holy and Acceptable to Him. I’m glad i waited. I’m glad i spoke for the voiceless. I’m glad i defended the vulnerable. I’m glad i allowed God to cover me. I’m glad. So glad that i have lived to see this day come to pass.
This is my testimony, God hid me, covered me and put the devil to SHAME!” she wrote.

According to her, her story not only highlights her personal commitment but also underscores the broader importance of sexual purity as a principle for all believers.

With excitement and gratitude, Pastor Sharon declared that she is proud to have kept her vow and stood up for the voiceless.

She attributed her success to God’s guidance and protection, stating God hid her, covered her, and put the devil to shame.

As she approaches her wedding, she looks forward to continuing her mission globally alongside her husband, working towards a vision of promoting sexual purity, righteousness, and holiness within the Church and her generation.

“I have a vision and dream that Sexual Purity, Righteousness, and Holiness will sweep over the Church, the body of Christ, and in my generation like a bulldozer clearing the pathway and preparing the way for the Coming of Christ Jesus. As He is Holy, so be ye Holy,”

In late June, In a joyous announcement, young female pastor Debra Sharon shared the news of her engagement and upcoming wedding.

Known for her strong stance on purity, Pastor Debra has been an advocate for sexual abstinence among young people until marriage.

“See what the Lord has done!! Taken! Worth the wait! Purity is power,” Debra captioned a photo of her with a beautiful ring on her finger.

Debrah also shared advice for the younger generation, saying God’s standards on purity and holiness should not be compromised to align with the cultural norms of the current generation.

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