New details emerge in Roysambu murder probe, killer traced to Ruaka

Investigators are trying to piece together the identity of the man who is thought to be the main suspect in the horrific killing of a 20-year-old woman at an apartment in Nairobi’s Roysambu neighborhood.

The police were able to uncover the identity of the suspect who is suspected of plotting the murder through CCTV footage.

To thwart the investigations, the suspect, however, covered up his appearance.

To identify the suspect, authorities may use sophisticated facial mapping technology in addition to analyzing the video.

In addition to gathering DNA samples for examination, they might also use forensic technology to examine his gait and compare it to that of a possible suspect.

It has also emerged the man used a hacksaw in his mission to dismember the body of the woman whose head is still missing.

Police suspect the man was on hire and he may have carried the body to show his masters he had accomplished the mission.

Using CCTV footage, and phone triangulation, the police have placed the suspect in the Ruaka area, Kiambu County where he seems to have been staying for days.

According to the shop attendant, the suspect was in a conversation with the owner of the ‘Airbnb’, which is located adjacent to the mini-store, who directed him to pick up the keys.

After accessing the keys, the suspect refused to make payments via mobile money and instead made cash payments claiming that he encountered challenges.

A close view of the footage indicated that he was carrying a bag which detectives claimed was used to disguise the weapon used in the execution of the murder.

According to the shopkeeper, the suspect was to hand back the keys on Sunday morning, which he failed to do as he disappeared thereafter.

After receiving the keys, It was believed the man accessed the room alone but was later joined by the woman in the wee hours of the night. However, the two were not seen together.

Nonetheless, a neighbour who saw the woman enter the room at 4 am on a fateful day said that she never left the premises.

“I opened the door and looked at my left side. I saw a man trying to open the door. He was wearing spectacles and was carrying something I suspect was alcohol in an envelope. In my observation, he was a middle-sized man, not so tall and not so short,” detailed a neighbour residing next to the crime scene.

Detectives who traced the suspect’s mobile phone revealed that he travelled from Ruaka to Roysambu where he committed the murder. However, police wondered whether he drove to the premises or was dropped off by a taxi.

The woman’s kin identified the body of the deceased at the City mortuary but they were denied access to the body as investigations are still underway.

Detectives were assigned to trace the woman’s phone which the suspect ran away with. The man was also said to have taken the woman’s head after dismembering her body into pieces.

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