“I wanted to be a journalist when I was young” – Milly Chebby confesses

Content creator Milly Chebby, along with her husband Lawrence Macharia, also known as Terence Creative, reminisces about 2023 as a year of great success for their family.

On December 11, “Wash Wash,” the dynamic duo celebrated a triumphant sold-out show.

Speaking about her educational background, Milly revealed a past characterized by talkativeness and perceived indiscipline in an interview with Nairobi News.

When she thought back to her school days, she wished that her tendency to speak up had been seen as a gift rather than a sign of lack of discipline.

“During my early and later years in school, I was known for being quite talkative. In my upper classes, I faced daily punishments, and I often wish my teachers then had recognized that my outspoken nature was a talent and not a sign of indiscipline. I hope that today’s children are understood in terms of their true personalities,” she said.

Milly Chebby
Milly Chebby

Milly shared her aspirations of becoming a journalist, a path predicted by a teacher in class eight.

She attended the same school as Citizen TV’s Chemutai Goin, her lifelong companion, and spoke of their deep connection, evident in their roles at each other’s weddings.

“Interestingly, I attended the same school as Citizen TV’s Chemutai Goin, who happens to be my lifelong companion, she is my great friend,” she said.

Despite financial challenges in securing her education at a reputable university, Milly acknowledged that her journey differed from Chemutai Goin’s, whose parents recognized her potential and provided necessary support.

Milly expressed a desire for her journalism calling to have been nurtured more effectively during her academic years.

“Although I knew journalism was my calling, I wish it had been nurtured more effectively.”

Reflecting on 2023, Milly described it as a year of blessing, gratitude, and grace.

Turning 30, she lacked a clear sense of purpose, but at 37, she says she stands in awe as God unveils the purpose ordained for her throughout the transformative year.

Milly holds a degree in Human Resources, though it wasn’t her initial career choice.

Nevertheless, it equipped her with skills to effectively manage and interact with her employees.

Milly Chebby
Milly Chebby

She began her journey into digital content creation in 2020, exploring the platform’s potential with diverse cooking recipes.

Milly acknowledged the challenges of sustaining cooking content but emphasized the varied ideas she incorporates into her online endeavors.

Having been employed for approximately 10 years, Milly’s relentless work ethic was evident from her first job at an Indian establishment at the age of 19.

She earned sh5000 and demonstrated dedication by working tirelessly every day, including holidays. Milly expressed gratitude to her mother for believing in her potential during those early years.

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