“He was a vixen” – Akothee changes tune, says wedding with Omosh was just a video shoot

Akothee, a Kenyan artist and businesswoman, has revealed that her extravagant wedding to Denis Schweizer, popularly known as Mr. Omosh, was actually just a staged video shoot.

Akothee made the revelation public by posting pictures of herself with her manager and former flame Nelly Oaks and gushing about his arrival and early Valentine’s Day presents.

“My head is swelling when he is around if you know you know @nellyoaks,” Akothee captioned the photos.

In response to a fan’s inquiry about her relationship with her Swiss husband, Akothee clarified that the wedding was orchestrated for a video on YouTube, creating a buzz among her followers.

“That was a video shoot; he was a vixen. The video is on YouTube,” said Akothee.

Akothee had previously addressed the reasons for her breakup with Omosh during a TikTok live session. She disclosed that she ended the relationship in June 2023, citing irreconcilable differences and issues that surfaced during their honeymoon. Akothee emphasized her reluctance to force issues in relationships, stating,

“When it is not working for me, it is not just working.”

Despite the separation, Akothee expressed gratitude towards Omosh for being a supportive and loving partner during a challenging period in her life.

She acknowledged that their relationship had its highs but ultimately was not meant to be.

Reflecting on her lavish wedding, Akothee asserted that she has no regrets, as it was a dream come true at the time.

Denis Schweizer entered her life during a difficult period, providing the support she needed.

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