Mwana Mtule’s wife reveals unknown details about their marriage

The backstory of gospel musician Mwana Mtule and his spouse appears to be becoming increasingly complex.

Celestine had accused the singer a few days prior of physically abusing her, something he had consented to.

She has now expressed regret for “wronging” him.

In a video circulating on social media, she revealed:

“My name is Celestine, I am here to apologize to Mwanamtule and his fans. I have been with him for 2 and a half years. He met me as a single mother and has been taking care of things including rent and other necessities.

The reason for my apology is that I denied knowing Mtule after my baby daddy saw a video of us. I left my baby, daddy, 6 years ago, Mtule did not steal anyone’s wife. He does not give our kids alcohol as he does not drink alcohol himself.

I have wronged him, As I talk I do not know where he is, I just want him to forgive me and the fans as well.”

Mwanamtule in an interview with SPM Buzz had confirmed he did beat his wife.

He alleged she pushed him to the wall after she denied not knowing him and continued keeping in touch with her baby daddy.

“I wasn’t poisoned. I married a single mother of five.

“She once posted of me and her ex saw that, When asked about me she alleged that I was just a content creator.

I would interact with different people including my fans and that would make her insecure. She is older than me. At some point, she started stalking me.”

Mtule agrees that he beat her up but defended himself saying he was forced to do it.

“I beat her up after she accused me of cheating on her. She apologized and I came back to the house.

I was not poisoned, I ask for forgiveness from Kenyans. It is the woman whom I married and her ex-husband who made me land in the hospital.

I was being bullied and there was pressure and it ended up piling up. I would beat her and it is not a bad thing, sometimes she would push me to the wall. She knows how to defend herself.”

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