Daddy Owen releases new gospel song titled “Follow”

Daddy Owen, the gospel sensation, has captured the hearts of his fans once more with his soul-stirring anthem “Follow,” which has grown to be a listener favorite.

With this track, Owen shares his hopes and dreams for 2024 with all of his heart.

Daddy Owen pledges his allegiance to God in the poignant lyrics, asking for direction and divine help on his upcoming journey.

“I commit my life. Please walk with me to the end. I am giving you my needs to lead me to paradise. I want to live according to your will. I am not able to live alone,” he sings.

Acknowledging the support from his loyal fan base, he shared the song on social media, eliciting an outpouring of positive responses and blessings for the new year.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen

On YouTube, user @JayJay-sm8zy exclaimed, “Daddy Owen never disappoints on repeat. God bless you bro. Happy New Year 2024.”

Similarly, @annawairimu5189 praised the artist’s comeback, stating, “Best comeback ever. Owen never disappoints. Blessings.”

@gintezcabayser claimed every lyric of the song for the new year, expressing gratitude to Daddy Owen for the uplifting track.

@SalamaSana commended Owen’s consistency and wished him a Happy New Year.

@esaladennisandayi5409 reminisced about the artist’s past success, likening it to a powerful comeback.

Addressing the dynamic nature of the music industry, @Lemon_Gypsum called for support from established artists for the upcoming generation.

@collinsmwalo9180 congratulated Daddy Owen on the great hit.

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