“Heri niskize nyimbo za Waluhya” – Kanjo lady says she hates Gengetone songs

Gloria Ntazola, also referred to as the “Kanjo lady,” now maintains that Gengetone is empty, so she won’t waste her time listening to it.

She also attacked Generation Z artists, accusing them of not making enough money from their music.

“I don’t listen to Kenyan music because there is nothing to listen to. With my beautiful face I should listen togengeton? Noo hell no. Very lazy musicians can’t invest in their art. Let’s stick to running. Heri niskize nyimbo za Waluhya kuliko gengeton.”

Kanjo lady Gloria Ntozila
Kanjo lady Gloria Ntozila

Here are some of the comments from Kenyans:

terencecreative: Anaongea takataka aje ama yeye ni kanjo 😂😂😂😂

nebulazzkenya: Anang’oa Hadi akitype ati Ngenge ang’owa.. karibu aseme NgengeThong😂

arunga.aj:The hype you guys gave her got into her head and now she’s feeling like prime Nicki Minaj 😂

iamgracekay: Enyewe NGENGETONE isn’t for everyone. I support her! 😄

eoser_: Kenyan Music is a big art and a very large and diverse so @ntazola_gloria stop criticizing Kenyan art.

The rise of Gloria Ntazola

Gloria Ntazola became an internet sensation in October after a TikTok video of her confrontation with a Kanjo officer went viral.

In the video, she locked the officer in her car and insisted on taking him to her house, alleging that he entered her vehicle without explanation.

The incident sparked debates about citizen rights, law enforcement, and the power dynamics between citizens and city officials.

Kanjo lady Gloria Ntozila
Kanjo lady Gloria Ntozila

While Gloria’s outspoken nature has garnered her significant attention, some perceive her actions as attention-seeking.

Her recent comments about Gengetone artists have stirred mixed reactions, with some agreeing with her sentiments and others dismissing them as an attempt to remain in the public eye.

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