“I love my kids, I love my baby mamas” – Frankie JustGymIt confesses

Few months ago, Fitness trainer Frank Kiarie aka Frankie Just Gym It apologised to his baby mamas Maureen Waititu and Corazon Kwamboka for publicising their love lives.

Frankie further said he regrets treating his baby mamas badly, adding that he has learnt that he ought to have treated them better.

Speaking on his nasty breakup with Maureen, Frankie said he has not seen his sons for two years now. He said that he should have treated Maureen not like an ex-girlfriend but as the mother to his kids.

“My mistake was I wanted to cut her off but I wanted the kids but I didn’t understand they come as a package. I believe if I had handled the situation better today I would be able to see my kids,” he said.

To Maureen, his first baby mama, Frankie said she and their kids are special to him.

“I really regret treating you the way I did. I want you to know that you are special not just to me but also to our kids. I am truly sorry,” said Frankie.

To Carazon Kwamboka, Frankie said that he regrets publicising what happened between them. He went on to say that she still holds a special place in his heart.

“I am truly sorry for what I did to you. You will always hold a special place in my heart,” he said.

He has now come out to assure the two of his love.

“Family is the key to happiness, coz my family is everything. I love my kids, I love my baby mamas,” including his mother and father as well.

He also spoke about this new phase in his life.

“People will try to hit you, people will try to bring you down, that’s ok, that’s natural, but how do you get back up? Are you gonna lay down and become a sissy about it or are you gonna get your a** back up?” he says.

The amazing transformation in the father of four has impressed his online followers.

Here are a few comments from hi fans;

@harrietajema9627…Am happy for you Frankie, a true definitition of goals and growth

@harrietbosibori…Congratulations Frankie,must feel awesome to have your dreams to come true

@liliankwamboka3173…You deserve this. Well done Frankie 👏👏👏👏You are a hard worker

@njkimbo219…Congratulations bro ❤❤❤❤❤❤ I would love to visit and work out one of these daysWell done

@trackandfieldbychicco…Family Is Key……Good Stuff Frankie Keep Grinding

@collinsmaina7037…Many thanks to you Frankie, for the motivation boost.

@bernicerogo9190..You are making great progress with your new studio👏

@jacklinekendikinoti…This is an awesome move.keep up the good work and success in the new space

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