Hawakunikula! Kamene Goro Denies Sleeping With Andrew Kibe, Jalang’o, Obinna

Kenyan media star Kamene Goro has clarified her relationships with former radio colleagues Andrew Kibe, Jalang’o, and Obinna.

In a recent interview, Kamene was asked about allegations that she had an affair with one of her former male coworkers. She stated that she had never been in a romantic connection with any of them.

“When you started creating your content with Obinna, people were saying look at the way this guy is just waiting for Kamene and Bonez to waachane then Obinna comes in,” the interviewer commented.

“It started when I was working with Kibe then it became when I was with Jalas, and then now it was Obinna and I am ‘guys!’. I actually have more male friends than I have female friends and we have some really good friendships.

Like I have know Obinna for a very long time, same way I have known Jalang’o for a very long time. And guess what guys, we are just friends. Haijawai pita yani anything ever ever yani we homies,” Kamene stressed.


Andrew Kibe and his former radio partner Kamene Goro started their radio careers at NRG Radio when it was launched. The two were paired to host the morning drive when the station went on air for the first time on March 1, 2018.

The duo worked together until June 2019 when they jointly quit NRG Radio after being poached by Kiss FM.

Kamene and Kibe were supposed to officially begin working at Kiss FM on July 1, 2019, but NRG dragged them to court for violating a non-compete clause in their contracts.

The two stayed off the air until September 2019 when they went on air at Kiss FM.

The duo worked together at Kiss FM until June 30, 2020, when Andrew Kibe officially quit to start his own internet radio.

Kibe and Kamene fell out after he left Kiss FM. Kibe started bashing Kamene on his podcast marking the beginning of their beef.

Kamene also quit Kiss FM on January 27, 2023. Speaking to vloggers after hosting her last show, she said that Kibe and her used to be good friends but the friendship was affected when she failed to leave Kiss FM with him in 2020.

“Kibe was my friend and I think when he left here, he had an expectation that I would leave with him. It did not settle well with him that my life took a different turn,” Kamene said.

Kamene added that her beef with him began when he started ruining her reputation. She further stated that she found Kibe’s content distasteful.

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