“Most broke women don’t believe they are broke” – Muthoni Mukiri shares advice to women

Former news anchor and life coach Muthoni Mukiri has criticized young women who resort to dating sites for financial support.

In a candid Instagram video, Mukiri emphasized that most broke women don’t believe they are broke, but they think they are dating the wrong guy.

She cautioned against flashy lifestyles funded by strangers, highlighting the risks of becoming subservient and susceptible to their desires.

Mukiri also questioned the notion of waiting for a stranger to rescue one from financial struggles, particularly by engaging in relationships with married men on hook-up sites.

She pointed out the potential dangers of relying on a man to rescue a woman from financial ruin, as they might feel obligated to repay the favor by treating him like a deity and giving him complete control over their bodies.

Muthoni Mukiri
Muthoni Mukiri

Mukiri has shared valuable advice for women navigating the dating world, including advising women to be financially independent and not expecting financial support from a boyfriend.

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“Most broke women don’t believe they are broke. They think they are dating the wrong guy.”

She emphasized that the problem is not asking for financial support, but rather feeling entitled and unreasonable expectations.

Muthoni Mukiri
Muthoni Mukiri

If someone wishes for their partner to provide financial support, they should approach them without a sense of entitlement, as they would a friend without entitlement. Mukiri advised that entitlement and unrealistic expectations will disappoint women.

“The reason you are broke is because you are broke. Let’s not talk about them and let’s actually talk about you,” She said.

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“If someone can come to your life and save you, they’re doing everything for you. Then you start thinking they are giving you something you can’t give to yourself. You start treating them like a God, and they start doing whatever they want with your body. So please, make your own money,” Muthoni added.

“You can approach him as you would a friend without entitlement. We all need support from time to time, and it’s okay to ask for support. But just know entitlement and unrealistic expectations are what will disappoint you,” she advised.

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