Kumbe inawezekana? Sarah Kabu says she bought her first car while earning KSh 30k salary

Businesswoman Sarah Kabu has narrated how she bought her first car and the requirements for car ownership.

The mother of two claimed in a video posted to her TikTok channel that she was making KSh 30,000 per month when she purchased her first car.

She revealed that her first automobile was a Toyota Vitz and that she used to set aside money each month in order to have enough to buy her own vehicle.

“It was not easy to achieve it. Yaani, I felt like I had owned the world when I owned that Vitz. Because it was a dream come true. I saved KSh 100,000. I was saving KSh 10,000 every month and I was earning KSh 30,000. Unafinya budget mpaka unasave 10k. At the end of the year, I had KSh 120,000,” she said.

She then decided to save the same amount for another year, and had KSh 240,000 by the end of the second year.

“Then Vitz ikatokea. I was among the first ten Kenyans to own a Vitz,” she said.

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Her followers were inspired by her story of how she bought her first car. Some also noted how much she has changed her fashion and commended her new stylist.

Here are some of the comments from social media users:

@Beaty Karish said: “That’s a dream come true.”

@Trizah Charles said: “I really love this woman. She’s so humble. This is me saving for a Mazda Demio.”

@MrsMg said: “My dream car no Probox ya black.”

@Urban Urban said: “I have liked your financial discipline.”

@Mheshimiwa Peter Zakayo said: “Kumbe mimi hujipea pressure bure, 20 years to come nitakuwa far sana.”

@Kipngeno Rotich said: “Kusave 10k while earning 30h, wueeeh.”

@Rose.lyn said: “Financial discipline is key.”

@user4883316723617 said: “My first and my current car. I believe God for my future car.”

@Mykitchenmy3 said: “My first car was a very bad car and I was happy to have it.”

@LydiahWairimu said: “That’s my dream car right now. Aki wewe Vitz.”

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