Johnson Muthama converts ex-wife’s mansion into business

Johnson Muthama, a former Machakos senator and UDA Chairman, has turned his Mua residence in Kathome, Machakos County, into an events garden.

Muthama had previously repurposed the abandoned property into a site for political activity after reclaiming it from his ex-wife, current Machakos Senator Agnes Kavindu.

Kavindu had gone to court to prevent Muthama from evicting her from the Mua house, claiming that she had a legal right to be there.

The five-bedroom mansion on 45 acres has servants’ quarters, a well, and a standby generator.

According to court filings, Kavindu stated that sometime in 2014, Muthama ordered Kavindu to leave their Mua house and withdrew all required support.

“Muthama withdrew all the necessary support he was giving to me and my children including disconnection of electricity and removal of household goods.” She claimed.

The court documents stated that Muthama married Kavindu sometime in 1975 but divorced in 1983 through judicial proceedings. Then, in 1995 they reconciled and remarried in accordance with Kamba customary law.

Between 1975 and 1983, they sired three children and in their subsequent cohabitation, Kavindu gave birth to their fourth born in 1996. She claimed after giving birth, she moved from their Lavington home in Nairobi to Mua home where she said she was living.

Kavindu lost the case seeking not to be evicted from the Mua home after the court ruled that she was living at Muthama’s Mua home at his will but not as his wife.

Now, Muthama has converted the home into an event garden to host meetings, weddings, photoshoots and all sorts of celebrations.

Muthama turned the house into an events garden in 2019 after winning the five-year court battle.

“I have taken over my home that was abandoned and renovations are going on as we speak. Once completed, anybody seeking to visit must be vetted. It will also be a meeting point for all the entire Muthama children,” he said at the time.

“You cannot enter the gate before some calls are made,” he added.

Muthama built a home for Kavindu’s three children about 10km away from the Mua Hills property.

“I am an African man who cannot wish away his blood. She could have come to live with our son because it is a home she could have used to be associated with Muthama indirectly,” he said at the time.

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