Meet the Photographer suspected to be ‘chewing’ Jackie Matubia

The relationship between Muma Pix and Jackie Matubia is revealed, days after a video of them in bed together went viral.

Photographer Francis Mungai, often known as Muma Pix, has come up to clarify the situation around his relationship with actress Jackie Matubia amid rampant rumors.

Muma Pix addressed the rumors that have been going around on social media in an interview with a local media source on August 23. He emphasized that his relationship with Jackie is based on friendship and professional cooperation.

When a video of Muma Pix and Jackie Matubia in bed surfaced, the rumor mill around their relationship picked up speed.

In the video, the photographer jokingly shoves Jackie away while joking that his hand hurts after she lays on it for a long time.

This light-hearted interaction prompted netizens to speculate about the nature of their bond.

Addressing the murmurs, Muma Pix acknowledged that Jackie Matubia has become one of his favorite clients over time, a bond that has blossomed into a genuine friendship.

The origin of their interactions can be traced back to 2020 or 2021. Their journey started as a professional collaboration but evolved into a deep friendship.

Muma Pix wondered why their innocent interactions for work purposes were being misinterpreted.

“This has been like three years now. I met Jackie in 2020 or 2021. One of my favourite artists, and we ended up being really good friends. So, sijui mbona watu wanachachisha. Hakuna kitu, we are just working together,” Muma Pix said.

He stressed that their partnership revolves around creating content, a journey that Jackie Matubia encouraged him to embark on.

Muma admitted that, initially, he was reserved about content creation due to his private nature.

However, with Jackie’s support, he ventured into the realm of content creation, finding enjoyment in it and becoming better at it alongside the accomplished actress who scooped the Actress Influencer of the Year Award at the Pulse Influencer Awards 2022

“Hii story ya content ni yeye alikuwa ananipush sana nijaribu. It wasn’t something I was open to because naturally I am a very private person.

“And with her being a very good actress, I feel she has also made me a better content creator. I find myself doing a lot of content with her,” he said.

“I was there before they went public with their relationship, I was there during their relationship and am there even now. I am the constant. Whatever happened to her is her personal life.

“I find it interesting that people try to stretch such a simple skit into a whole thing, It has never been a problem. Am friends with both of them. Ata kuna content we’ve done the three of us, so if it was a problem then ingeonekana kitambo,” he said.

As for his own personal life, Muma Pix revealed that his current priorities are centered on his work and aspirations. Until he achieves his ambitious goals, he isn’t actively seeking a romantic relationship.

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