WATCH: Kelvin Mboya Finally Speaks After Being Heartbroken By Girlfriend he Travelled to Surprise In Kwale

After hours of silence, Kevin Mboya has finally reacted, stating that he was flying from Nairobi to Kwale to surprise his sweetheart on her birthday.

Mboya shared on his YouTube channel that his trip did not go as planned, and he was so devastated that he returned with the bouquet of flowers he was supposed to surprise her with.

He said that he was in an emotional bind and was unable to elaborate on how the display of affection failed.

“I arrived well from Kwale, so four days ago I went there to see her. I went with flowers but I came back with them because it passes a message. Right now I’m not emotionally okay in terms of revealing to you all exactly what happened although physically I look like I’m okay but emotionally I cannot say that I’m in a good state of mind to share with everyone who is concerned about me of what happened.”

Mboya said he went to Kwale with a heart full of love but returned with a broken heart. He however promised to share more details about what happened.

“I went to Kwale with love but I’ve come back with room for more love. Thank you for your concern…more about what happened in Kwale, I’ll share it soon.”

Social media users had expressed concerns after his long silence. When Kevin shared he was going to surprise his girlfriend, many became invested and we’re eagerly waiting for an update.

“I have travelled all the way from Nairobi to Kwale to come and surprise my girlfriend on her birthday. I haven’t texted or called her in the last 24hrs, she maybe thinks I forgot it’s her birthday. I am waiting for her just outside her office to surprise her. I hope it goes well.”

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