Otile Brown opens up on quitting music after years in the game

The next studio album by Otile Brown is set to be released. If the record is not well received in Kenya and Africa as a whole, the singer who has been working on it for a time has threatened to stop singing altogether.

Brown claims to have invested in the creation of the project, which contains songs from his personal experience, on his Instagram stories.

“I got too much game on my upcoming album, real life experiences,” he said

Adding “It has to make it to at least top three best albums in Africa, Just to be fair or else I’m quitting music.”

In a recent interview, Otile reacted to Tanzanian music being embraced by Kenyans more than they do to their own artistes.

“It’s normal.”

“Kuna wakati tuko juu, kuna wakati tuko chini ni graph inapanda na kushuka muda wowote unanielewa lakini hatufanyi muziki wa kubisana unaielewa kuna wasanii tofauti tofauti.

Kuna wasanii ambao wanfanya muziki kutrend, kuonyesha ubingwa lakini sisi tunacommunicate na mia ya watu.

Unaelelwa muziki wetu ni wa ku liwaza watu na kuonyesha watu huko nje so tunapotrend, hatufanyi muziki wa kubishana.”

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