Kuja tupambane! Kanyari breathes fire, invites Pastor Nganga for physical fight to end their beef

The beef between Prophet Victor Kanyari and Pastor James Ng’ang’a has now escalated after the popular 310-prophet went live on TikTok attacking the chief commander.

According to Kanyari, he is tired of pastors who keep insulting him while urging him to quit TikTok.

Using unprintable words, he hurled attacks mostly targeting  the fellow preachers Nganga and Levi.

He said:

“I wish you know me. If you know me, you will acknowledge me. Nguruwe mwitu..saitani.”

“God knows I don’t fight with people but am tired. Kama unafikiria uko na nguvu, hii nyumba ifungwe tupigane na wewe. Kama hatutambambana na wewe kiroho, tupambane na wewe mkono. Ondoa mambo ya kanisa kwanza.”

“Fake pastors shut up!’

“Nifanye kiwete sahi kama wewe ni nabii wa ukweli, sema nisiamke usiku,”

“Hawa washirika wako unadanga, unafikiri mimi ni kondoo kama wewe.”

“Hiyo kanisa yako nitafunga! Wewe umefungwa jela, mimi sijawai fungwa all my life”

“Hata kama niko TikTok, mimi sio rika yenu.”

Here’s the video:

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Pastor Ng’ang’a had attacked Kanyari following his recent controversial online misconduct, which caused a public uproar.

Speaking during a sermon at his Neno Evangelism church, the preacher said he quit TikTok because of mannerless people.

“I left TikTok after seeing the rubbish from these creatures. Why didn’t these preachers die?”

“I preached in his area when I came to Nairobi, he was in Kawangware, and until now, he’s still there without a church… If you’re not done with the earthly things, stay there, don’t mix these two things.”

Pastor Ng’ang’a also stated that the preacher hasn’t progressed beyond what he publicly displays.

“All these years and he doesn’t even have a church, just the one in Kamulu, Mkuru area. I left him there, and he is still stagnant there,” he concluded.

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Ezekiel Mutua prays for Pastor Kanyari

2 weeks ago, Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) CEO Ezekiel Mutua held a meeting with Pastor Victor Kanyari after an uproar over his TikTok content.

The meeting saw the two discuss a wide range of issues on the do’s and don’ts, Mutua said.

According to Mutua, their meeting followed a request from Pastor Kanyari after he had flagged his content on TikTok as inappropriate.

“Pastor Victor Kanyari is genuinely remorseful. He apologised publicly and committed to change and even went live on TikTok to begin the new journey under my mentorship,” Mutua said.

“That’s why, despite my busy schedule, I agreed to meet him today. After listening to his story and genuine apology, we prayed together and I took up the responsibility of mentoring him.”

Ezekiel Mutua prays for Pastor Kanyari
Ezekiel Mutua prays for Pastor Kanyari

Mutua prayed that Kanyari may not follow the wrong path and prayed against those hating on Kanyari and accusing him falsely.

He prayed that Kanyari be covered in the blood of Jesus and that he may be used as an instrument of God.

“My message to Pastor Victor Kanyari: “Go and sin no more.”And to his accusers: “Let anyone of you who has not sinned cast the first stone”,” Mutua stated

Kanyari on his part said he became scared when he saw that Mutua had flagged his content on TikTok as inappropriate.

“Niliona umeongea nikashtuka, nikasema nitatoa wapi huyu mtu niombe msamaha na aniambie nimekosea wapi,” Kanyari said.

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